All excellent weapons and armor can only be obtained through own manufacture, using recipes and their respective materials, such as: wood, metal and leather. 

 Next, see the necessary items and how to obtain them: 


recipe that teaches you how to craft an excellent item on the Chaos Machine, build to defeat monsters (each weapon and armor part needs its respective Recipe)

Refined Wood 

Obtained when collecting wood from the Old Tree (used to make weapons and armor)

Tanned Leather

Defeating monsters collect Leather (used to make armor)

Iron Bar

Obtained when collecting Iron fragment from Rock (used to make weapons)

Gold Bar

Obtained when collecting Gold fragment from golden monsters (used to make weapons and armor)

Reinforced Wood

Collect Rough Wood from the Acestral Tree in Kanturu (used to make weapons and armor)

Ancestral Energy

Defeat monsters on Kanturu (Satyros or stronger) and collect Spirit of Mu (used to make weapons and armor)